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Welcome to our vibrant world, where we rewrite the rules of adulthood and ageing. We firmly believe that life’s later chapters should sparkle with the same joy as childhood, unencumbered by unusual diseases or lifestyle changes.

That’s why, we present to you the Liberty range of products. Through tireless research and development, we’ve uncovered the secret to liberating adult life from worries. These products are meticulously crafted with plush materials and leakage-prevention technology, designed to ensure that every moment is hassle-free.

From embracing comfort to preserving dignity and independence, we’re committed to revolutionizing every aspect of your journey. We invite you to live life to the fullest, ensuring that every step along the way is filled with joy, ease, and the freedom to embrace each day with open arms. Welcome to a new era of adult care – welcome to the times of Liberty.


We believe, every woman, child and elder deserves the best care, utmost protection and maximum comfort. With our range of hygiene and care products, we strive to better understand their needs and tailor our offerings to bring a smile to their faces. 

We understand that hygiene is not a luxury, but an essential aspect of everyday lives. That’s why we foster a deeper connection with our consumers. It inspires us to push the boundaries of innovation and explore opportunities to enhance the comfort and effectiveness of our products.


The Popular Diapers are designed to provide superior protection from leakage with utmost comfort. With an advanced odour control system, you can confidently go about your day worry-free. These diapers offer a soft, cotton-like feel even during extended wear. Plus, the convenient wetness indicator alerts you when it’s time for a change, ensuring optimal hygiene. Stay dry, comfortable, and confident with our reliable adult diapers.


  • Long-lasting protection against Leaks
    Its multi-layered design made of super-absorbent material effectively curbs leaks even during periods of prolonged wear
  • Odour control system
    The diapers neutralise odours, ensuring that you feel fresh and confident throughout the day 
  • Cotton-like material for a comfortable feel
    Crafted with a soft, cotton-like outer layer, our diapers offer a comfortable fit and feel against your skin, preventing chafing and irritation
  • Easy refastening with multiple adjustments
    Enjoy the convenience of easy adjustments with a snug and secure fit and also sufficient flexibility of movements 
  • Greater absorption in the target area
    Engineered with 3D core technology, the diapers protect where you need them the most 
  • Alerts when the diaper is wet
    Designed with a wetness indicator that changes colour when the diaper is wet, our diapers provide a convenient visual cue when it’s time for a change 
    10 pieces 
    M: 30-40 inches
    L: 40-60 inches
    XL: 48-68 inches 

As the first manufacturer of adult pants in India, Liberty Adult Pants offer added comfort and confidence. With an underwear-like shape for a discreet and comfortable fit, it feels completely natural. Designed with additional supporting elastics, these pants offer a perfect combination of snug fit, complete protection and flexibility of movements. The unique design ensures that they stay in place during everyday activities. With a highly absorbent core, you can trust these pants to protect against leaks, allowing you to live life without limitations.


The Eco Pants redefine comfort and confidence. With long-lasting protection against leaks, you can trust these pants to keep you dry and comfortable throughout the day. Its underwear-like shape and soft, cotton-like material, offer a natural and gentle fit. Its extra slim core provides superior absorption without the bulk, ensuring maximum comfort. 


  • Long-lasting protection from leaks
    Its advanced leak protection technology ensures extended coverage and assurance against leaks for a worry-free day and night  
  • New underwear-like shape
    Inspired by traditional underwear, these pants offer a snug and discreet fit without compromising on look or functionality
  • Cotton-like soft feel
    Crafted with a breathable material, our Eco Pants offer a soft and comfortable feel against the skin 
  • Extra slim core for utmost comfort
    An innovative design with a slim core maximizes absorbency while offering a discreet and flexible fit 
  • Additional supporting elastics
    Strategically placed elastic bands give additional support with a snug fit that stays in place during everyday activities
  • Highly absorbent core
    Made with highly absorbent material, the pants effectively keep moisture away, keeping you dry for extended periods
    1 piece
    10 pieces
    20 pieces 
    M : 30-40 inches
    L: 40-60 inches
    XL: 48-68 inches
    XXL: <confirm size> 

The Premium Pants are made for complete comfort and protection in your everyday life. With an extra absorbent core, these pants provide up to 12 hours of leak protection, keeping you dry all day long. Crafted from extra soft materials, they ensure a gentle touch against your skin, while their odour control system keeps you feeling fresh. The predefined shape with super elastic gives a snug and secure fit. Move freely without any worry with Premium Pants. 


  • Up to 12 hours of advanced leakage protection
    Made with extra absorbing material, the pants provide extended protection for a worry-free day and a peaceful night 
  • Extra soft material 
    Exceptionally soft materials are used to prioritise your comfort. Its gentle touch ensures a pleasant wearing experience, without any irritation 
  • Odour control system   
    Feel fresh even throughout the day as the odour control system neutralises unpleasant odours effectively 
  • Predefined shape with super elastic 
    Enjoy a comfortable and secure fit with a predefined shape and super elastic waistband that conforms to your body contours 
  • Additional fluid distribution channel 
    Our pants efficiently distribute the liquid throughout the absorbent core, minimising the risk of leakage and keeping you dry 
  • Highly Absorbent Slim Core
    This is a perfect combination of comfortable slim fit and enhanced absorption for complete peace of mind 
    10 pieces 
    30 Pieces 
    M: 24-45 inches
    L: 30-55 inches 
    XL: 38-65 inches 

Featuring 5-layer fluid lock technology, the underpad ensures superior moisture absorption and retention. With extra width and length, it effectively prevents side leakage for uninterrupted sleep. Strategically placed fluid distribution channels enhance absorbency for a dry feel. A waterproof back film prevents any potential leaks, maintaining mattress hygiene. Crafted with a soft top sheet and active SAP, it offers a comfortable, soothing feel for a restful night’s sleep.


  • Extra width and length locks side leakage
    Our underpads offer comprehensive coverage, effectively locking in side leakage for undisturbed rest 
  • Fluid distribution channels for faster and higher absorbency
    Well-integrated channels. Better absorbency. Better comfort. The underpads offer it all 
  • Waterproof back film to prevent leakage
    The underpads provide an additional layer of protection maintaining the hygiene of your mattress and bedding.
  • Soft top sheet and active SAP for a soft feel
    A gentle and comfortable feel against your skin is guaranteed with the underpads 
    2 pieces 
    10 pieces 
    M: 61-115 cms | 34-45 inches
    L: 75-140 cms | 30-55 inches 
    XL: 96-165 cms | 38-65 inches